Learn and EXperience meditation

We want to create group of people who meditate regularly.. Here in Learn and EXperience meditation we  explain everything you should know about meditation. 

Why we say learn and experience meditation because we believe in experience. Our duty is to make you experience meditation. We only understand what we experience. So our approach is practical not theoretical

 If you want to go advance in your meditation journey then you are in the right place. Here we will solve all of your queries you have related to meditation.

 1. why we should do meditation

 2. As a beginners how should we start meditation

 3. The methods of meditation

 4. How to go deep in meditation

 5. kundalini meditation . etc

Mediation is like oxygen for us. It gives us clarity direction & strength to live a happy and healthy life. What a little we know about meditation, we spread the knowledge. We didn’t share anything without proper experience.

happiness meditation
Learn and Experience Meditation Mental health

Happiness meditation. 6 ways how meditation can bring more happiness to life

This post is not for everybody. Only for the people who want happiness in their life. Guess what? everybody wants happiness in their life. This is universal truth whatever we do, hidden force behind anything is always happiness. We go to work for happiness, we go to temple for happiness,  we go to the bar, that […]

start meditation
Health and Yoga Learn and Experience Meditation

Start meditation, Why and how we should start meditation at home?

Meditation is an ancient wisdom of  India.  I am here to explain the reality of Meditation in the base of experience not theoretically. In the 21st century again meditation regain its popularity back. Especially in west, meditation become very popular day by day. But why we should do meditation? What are the benefits of meditation? […]