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Here in powerful motivation we try to boost your motivation. We gives you a positive direction by providing powerful motivation article. 

Everybody feel negative emotion in some point of life. But some people get up from the difficult situation and start their life again. But some people give up. We are here for you. Read our article and stay motivated. 

Let’s be happy.

happiness meditation
Learn and Experience Meditation Mental health

Happiness meditation. 6 ways how meditation can bring more happiness to life

This post is not for everybody. Only for the people who want happiness in their life. Guess what? everybody wants happiness in their life. This is universal truth whatever we do, hidden force behind anything is always happiness. We go to work for happiness, we go to temple for happiness,  we go to the bar, that […]

Book Reviews Powerful Motivation

5 Success lesson from Bhagavad Gita for all, Bhagavad Gita as a motivation book

Bhagavad Gita is among the top recognize book for Hindus. Today I am going explain an another dimension of Gita. When Krishna answer the queries of Arjuna he never mansion about any religion. He just clear all the doubt Arjuna have. He used the word DHARMA(Religion) with different meaning, Dharma means the prime duty of […]

Depression Mental health

overcome depression naturally, Read to live a life without depression

Depression is very underrated subject. Nobody teach you how to overcome depression. Depressive people feel helpless.Nobody is there to truly understand your problem.Discussing with other only increase your problem. Don’t worry today I have taken the responsibility to help people overcome depression. My goal is to spread the knowledge that help to me to live […]