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Happiness meditation. 6 ways how meditation can bring more happiness to life

This post is not for everybody. Only for the people who want happiness in their life. Guess what? everybody wants happiness in their life. This is universal truth whatever we do, hidden force behind anything is always happiness. We go to work for happiness, we go to temple for happiness,  we go to the bar, that is also for happiness.  But they are searching happiness in the external world. It’s like searching water in the desert. You may find water in the desert but that will not be a pure form of water or not sufficient. Happiness meditation is all about showing you why we should do meditation? How meditation will bring more happiness into your life.

Before starting my article happiness meditation, if one of my friends already start meditation and found nothing you should read

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1. Meditation will make you understand happiness is just a state of mind

In the same situation, two human react differently. You can be as happy as you want to be. What you have to do is that you have to know how to create happiness in your life. Nobody will teach you how to create happiness. Searching for happiness will not provide the answer. There is the only way to create happiness is understand happiness.

How can you understand happiness?The answer is first you have to experience the source of happiness. 

How to experience the source of happiness? the answer is you can experience the source of happiness only in meditation. 

So purpose of writing the article happiness meditation is to understand happiness.

2. Meditation will create meaning in life

Yes. Many people are unhappy and the hidden reason behind it, they don’t find meaning in their life.

What is meaning in life?

Meaning is the hidden reason why we are here. We are not animal who is just for survival. For an animal when his stomach is full, his life is complete. But a human being is not designed to live a life-like that. We are searching for meaning in our life. But this is a hidden factor.

When Steve jobs understand the meaning of his life he creates apple

Gandhi find the meaning in his life he changes the concept of protection for a right cause

Sachin Tendulkar find the meaning of his life and become the god of cricket

If you still don’t find the meaning in your life start meditate. I am not talking that all of them start meditation and find their meaning in life, but they find their meaning of life in a different way. If you still not find the meaning in life than meditation will give you the meaning.

No meaning = no happiness 


3. Meditation will give you clarity of thoughts

People are unhappy because they are confused.

They didn’t have a clear idea about

what to do? 

How to do? 

when to do?

These are the questions that creates unhappiness. meditation will heal your intellect in such way that will help you in your decision-making. So clarity is power. More clear thought can be achieved through meditation.

Lack of clarity = Unhappiness

happyness meditation


4. Better control over doing, what should do and not to do, what should not be do

This is an interesting subject. Many times we know, what to do but who stop us? that is me. We know we should exercise for better health. But we manage to create a proper reason (execution) why we should not exercise today. Finally, that create a frustration because we know we should do exercise

Again same with not to do what should not do. We know drinking alcohol creating more health issues in my body. So I should stop it or control it. But I can’t. Again who stop me that is me

Writing on happiness meditation prime reason is that let people understand meditation will bring more self-control to your life.

No self-control = no happiness


5. Better control over emotion

Emotion is the root cause of our unhappiness. But if you start meditation than you will experience emotions are just visitor in our mind. If you don’t identify with that emotion or if you don’t provide energy to the emotion then emotions are powerless.

But generally what we do. If anything happens that creates an emotion that we don’t want to feel. We create so much hate emotion against the emotion that we become the victim of the emotion.

Writing happiness meditation aim is to make you understand emotions are just the visitors in your mind. So start meditation today to control over emotion otherwise emotions will control you.

Identify with all emotions = unhappiness

Control over emotions = happiness


6. Most importantly meditation will quiet your mind

Problem is overthinking. Our mind is thought generating machine. Our unnecessary thoughts are the problems of our unhappiness.

What meditation will do it will travel you on a journey of inner silence. Then you will understand your basic nature is silent. You just create so much traffic jam of unnecessary thoughts.

Meditation connect yourself with the inner silence. Where thoughts are just waved happening around, but you are not the thoughts.


happiness meditation


The mind will be quiet. This quiet mind is creates extreme happiness. Start meditation to connect with this extreme happiness store in inside.

A quiet mind = happy mind


So finally if this post happiness meditation can inspire you to start doing meditation then I think I am successful. If you want to start meditation but don’t know how start, don’t worry our blog will help you.


I am natural observer of life. 

I try to learn new things everyday. Here in my blog my attempt is to express the knowledge & experiences that I have gathered by over the years of hard work.

Creating values in your life is our ultimate goal.

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