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Natural test booster. Here the most effective natural test booster for you

Are you struggling with your testosterone level? Do you want to build more muscle or want to lose weight? Are you suffering from male boobs? Are you struggling with your sex life? If you are a man, this Article is for you. I am going to solve your biggest problem that is low test (testosterone). If you are one of those guys don’t worry testosterone can be increased naturally.  I have study the subjects for years and after that I have developed a proper methods to increase testosterone level which I am going to disclose in this article Natural test booster. Keep reading the article I can ensure to provide you solution for your biggest problem.


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What is testosterone? Important of testosterone in male body

There are many confusion around the world about Natural test booster.

There thousands of natural test booster available in the market. But maximum number of natural test booster to fail boost testosterone naturally.

Before going deep into the subject let me clear one thing this article is not for professional bodybuilder, This is only for people who want to increase testosterone naturally without steroids. 


In this article I am going to solve your some of the biggest queries.

  • Natural testosterone supplement for men
  • Food that increase testosterone naturally
  • Herbs to boost testosterone naturally and quickly
  • How to increase testosterone in older man?
  • Supplement to increase testosterone

You have some doubt about testosterone

  • Do any testosterone booster really work?
  • what is the best test booster?


Before going to detail about the subject natural test booster first let me explain about testosterone

Testosterone is a primary hormones for male. It is responsible for all the basic mail quality within us. You can say testosterone creates the main differences what separate a man from women. If the production of testosterone decrease in our body then we will face many problems

  1.  We will feel weak
  2. We can’t build muscle/ whatever we do work hard in gym + Take expensive supplement, nothing will work
  3. Hair loss
  4. Weight gain
  5. Weaker bone
  6. Sexual problems

I have written previously testosterone production at its peak at age of 17 and it start decreasing gradually.

So read first what is testosterone? Important of testosterone in male body

After age of 30, it start decreasing more faster. Due some reason some of our body can’t able to produce enough testosterone, This article is for them who have low test level in  their body and looking for natural test booster.


This article natural test booster consist of the section
  1. herb to boost testosterone
  2. yoga to boost testosterone
  3. Exercise to boost  testosterone

No1 way of increasing testosterone naturally is Herb

Let’s discuss about test boosting herb

6 best Natural fat burner

1.Ashwagandha or Withania Somnifera

Natural test booster
Ashwagandha or Withania Somnifera


Ashwagandha has been used over 300 years in Ayurveda for different purpose. There are many health benefits of ashwagandha for men


Click to download this pic


If you take Ashwagandha you will feel energetic within half an hour.

Many bodybuilder around the world use ashwagandha to boost their testosterone level



Natural test booster

2.Next natural test booster is Gokshura

Natural test booster
Gokshura or Tribulus


This is popular supplement amongst bodybuilder. There are many health benefits of gokshura for a male. It basically known as Tribulus terrestris.

natural test booster


Click to download this image

I have mansion you about two natural test boost but now I am going to tell you about the doses.

There are two form available in the market of both products

  1. tablets
  2. powder

My suggestion for you to intake tablets because of 2 reason below

  1. tablets are easy to carry and take less time to take.
  2. tablets is easy to measure.

The maximum limits for gokshura & Ashwagandha in a day is 1000mg.  You should take 500mg Gokshura + 500mg Aswagandha

If you take Himalaya products then take 2 tablets of gokshura and 2 tablets of Ashwagandha. You have to take those tablets night before sleep. Because our body produce testosterone mainly while we sleep. There for morning erection is proper sign of good testosterone level.

You can buy Gokshura online

Natural test booster



Now next or no2 natural test booster is yoga

Yoga can increase testosterone. Many people neglect yoga as an option of natural test booster. But let me clear you when in come to increasing test level naturally yoga is the best.

But you have to follow a proper procedure. After doing lots of research on different types of yoga poses, pranayama and bandha. I have been come to point that there some yoga that’s incredibly  powerful and boost test level naturally. So here I am going to explain everythings I have been found after years of research.

Here I will provides you a routine of yoga for you people so that you can increase your testosterone level.



Before start the ashwini mudra practice lets me explain its meaning. Ashwa means the horse in sanskrit, and mudra is gesture.

So by practicing this mudra you will get the power like a horse


Natural test booster
Ashwini mudra will provides you horsepower








Technique of this mudra is very simple, but this is a very powerful mudra.


  1. Sit in any poster but key is back should be straight
  2. Now relax 
  3. Then contract the anal sphincter muscles and hold it for few second, you can hold your breathe together but it is not mandatory. Push your anal muscle upward
  4. Now release the anal muscle and relax for few second and breathe normally
  5. Repeat this poster for 5 min

There are many health benefits of ashwini mudra like

  1. Remove constipation
  2. Cure piles
  3. Help to look younger
  4. Increase strength
  5. Provides peace to mind
  6. Solve all sexual problem of man & women
  7. Increase sexual power
  8. Boost immunity

Aswini is for yogi who want achieve higher dimension of yogi, It help to awaken kundalini shakti 

Finally Ashwini mudra is a natural test booster

Regular practice of ashwini mudra boost our biological system in such way that our testicle start producing more testosterone. Our testicle produce testosterone


Next yoga that is natural test booster is bajroli mudra

Vajroli mudra or Thunderbolt mudra is very simple but every effective.


  1. You can sit in any yogic poster like sukhasana or Padmasana, or you can just sit in a chair. The key is again like ashwini mudra spine should be straight.
  2. Now relax
  3. Now inhale and try to pull the lower abdomen muscle upward. This is same like when you try to hold back the urge to urinate.
  4. The testes will shift little upward but don’t push your anal muscle like ashwini mudra
  5. Hold the muscle as long you comfortable then release.
  6. First you may find it difficult to contract the muscle but after days of practice you will master the pose
  7. Practice this pose for 5 minutes

You should understand the difference between Ashwini and vajroli mudra the pic below will help you understand the difference



Natural test booster










The primary difference is the targeted muscle …For ashwini mudra is anal muscle and for Vajroli mudra is urethral sphinctes

Benefits of vajroli mudra



natural test booster
Vajroli mudra awaken the thunderbolt within


Benefits of VAJROLI mudra
  1. Solve all sexual problems of men
  2. Solve urinary problem
  3. Increase sexual power
  4. Awaken kundalini shakti 
  5. Increase testosterone naturally


So here I have mention you about 2 yoga mudra both are a natural test booster

I don’t know you will found written anywhere about both mudra as testosterone booster. Both mudra basically used for two purpose

  • Used by yogi to attend Brahmacharya (Celibacy)
  • To increase sexual power or solve sexual problems
  • Solve female uterus problem or help pregnant mother to reduce the pain during delivery

. Yogic science never focus much on the subject of testosterone. Testosterone has made popular by bodybuilding world. They inject artificial testosterone to build more muscle. But that is for professional as if that not done properly there are many side effects.

This article is fully based on my own research and experience. I have solve many people problem with testosterone. So I can ensure you 100% result of this program


Both mudra should be practice 5 min each daily. There many do-don’t for both mudra

  1. There are no fix time for both mudra but it is better to practice both mudra on an empty stomach
  2. Regularity is key, Keep practice regularly after 1 week you will feel change.
  3. Both mudra is difficult to master for a beginner so read the procedure carefully to understand the real technique

If you have any doubt, you can ask me here



There are many yoga asana that increase testosterone naturally. I have selected 5 very effective yoga asana or poses that are very effective and powerful to increase testosterone. Let me explain for you.

5 Yoga asana or poses to increase testosterone naturally 


Natural test booster
Wheel pose

Other health benefits of wheel pose

  1. Cure asthma
  2. Relieves stress
  3. Increase energy
  4. Cure Infertility
  5. Good for thyroid and pituitary gland
  6. Strengthens Liver, pancreas, and kidneys
  7. Stretch and increase the strength of legs, abdomen, chest, shoulder, wrist, and spine
  8. Increase the power of spine
  9.  Good for heart

But here our goal is to increase testosterone So this asana is list no1.

People who is suffering from high blood pressure, back pain, Neck problem or wrist problem should avoid this pose




natural test booster

Head is regarded is king of all yoga poses. There are many health benefits of headstand

  1. Improve memory power
  2. Good for eyes
  3. Glowing skin
  4. Stop hair fall
  5. Boost immunity
  6. Anti-aging
  7. Solve sexual problems

#Beginner should practice this pose with the help of wall

people who is suffering from high blood pressure, heart problem, neck problem should avoid this asana



natural test booster
Camel pose


Ustrasana / Camel pose is third in the list of natural test booster yoga pose. There are many health benefits of camel pose

  1. Help to improve digestion
  2. Increase metabolic rate thus help to lose weight
  3. Make spine more flexible and strong
  4. Solve lower back pain problem
  5. Increase strength and flexibility of chest and back muscle
  6. Good for asthma, spondylitis, bronchitis and thyroid problem


 People who is suffering from high blood pressure avoid this asana



natural test booster
Cobra pose


Bhujangasana or cobra pose is the 4th asana or yoga pose in our natural test booster yoga list. There are many health benefits of cobra pose

  1. Good for digestion
  2. Good for asthma
  3. Good for kidney and liver
  4. Cure back problem
  5. Stretches and provides strength to chest, back, spine and abdomen muscle
  6. Relieves stress
  7. Strengthen the arms and shoulder muscle
  8. Improve blood circulation

People who is suffering from hernia, peptic ulcers should not practice this asana


Natural test booster
Plough Pose


Last yoga pose that increases testosterone is Halasana / plough pose. There are many benefits of plow pose

  1. Calm the brain
  2. Good for insomnia and headache and infertility
  3. Increase metabolism thus help to lose weight
  4. Good for a thyroid problem
  5. Stretches all muscle of calves, thighs, and abdomen
  6. Increase digestion
  7. Strength the shoulder and spine


People who are suffering from diarrhea, an injury to the neck, high blood pressure, Glaucoma should not practice this asana


I have mentioned you about all the benefits of asana because you should know what additional benefits you are having from that asana including increasing your testosterone level naturally

I have some suggestion for you before start practicing asana. You may know the rule if you have any previous experience of practicing asana. If you don’t then you must read these rule carefully

  1. An empty stomach is the best to practice yoga poses
  2. If you practice in evening make sure that you practice minimum 3 hours after your lunch
  3. If you take snacks you can do after 45 minutes
  4. While practice doesn’t push yourself to attain the perfect poster. The key to yoga is holding a poster for maximum time.
  5. Attain as much as you can without any difficulty but important point is to hold the position for minimum 30 sec, increase the time gradually
  6. You will achieve perfection with time
  7. For headstand first practice with the help of wall


There are more yoga that increases testosterone I want to make this program very simple

Because I believe in keeping things simple. This a minimum yoga program that will take 20-30 minutes but very powerful. If maintain regularity + you take ashwagandha and Gokshura regularly your testosterone level will start increasing from week 2-3 weeks.

Yoga is very powerful. Don’t ignore yoga to achieve your fitness goal. Yoga can even help a bodybuilder

Some of even believe yoga can make you immortal 

If you want to increase testosterone faster than this then you have to follow a tougher routine. Which I have not mentioned here. If you want that program you can write to me.

Click to write to me


Now let explain you the exercise to increase testosterone naturally / gym principle to increase testosterone

Teachers prove that some training methods help to increase testosterone. 


Natural test booster



  1. Train your legs regularly

Training legs are very painful but powerful. Working out legs build testosterone. It also increases another anabolic hormone in the blood too such as growth hormone and insulin

Many studies have been done about this subject and successfully they come into a result that legs workout increase many athlete testosterone levels.

2. Take a minimum break between workout

Rest periods between workout take a major role in increasing testosterone. Research proves that taking a smaller amount of rest between set increase more testosterone. The ideal time is 1 min

3. Don’t train more than 1 hour

Actually, the time is 45 min but you can add 15 min max but if possible finish your exercise within  45 min and immediately take post workout meal. If you train more than 1 hour then you are wasting your muscle.

Our testosterone level decreased by overtraining. To increase the intensity of the workout, not duration.

Sleep and testosterone

As I mentioned earlier our body produce testosterone while we sleep. So good quality sleep is very important. Minimum of 7-hour sleep is a must


To be continued
 I am going to finish my natural test booster article because it getting long. I have still more information to share, like
  1. Test boosting food
  2. Test boosting supplement
  3. More natural test booster yoga 
  4. Test boosting Ayurvedic products
  5. Some of the daily habits that increase testosterone
  6. Bad habits to give up to increase testosterone naturally
  7. Side effects of artificial test booster

Please comment if you want more. I will publish part 2 of this article soon. If want more information then you can sign-up

I am natural observer of life. 

I try to learn new things everyday. Here in my blog my attempt is to express the knowledge & experiences that I have gathered by over the years of hard work.

Creating values in your life is our ultimate goal.

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