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overcome anxiety attacks. How to overcome anxiety attacks without medication?

She is appearing for board exam for the first time. Her preparation was very good. But on the day of exam her heart is beating very first, her breath is short. After entering in exam hall when she receive her pepper, she forget everything.That is the effect of anxiety attack. Not only student, adult OR many old people faces this types of anxiety attacks. What is the reason behind this kind of anxiety attacks? Is there any way that we can overcome anxiety attack permanently?.One thing is confirm that anxiety is something that reduce our performance level. Here I Am going to provide you detailed analysis about this topic and will provides you a foolproof methods to overcome anxiety attacks permanently.

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To overcome anxiety attacks we need to understand the root cause of anxiety attacks.

No doubt anxiety is just a feeling. Feelings of uncertainty. In a deeper meaning anxiety is just an illusion. Just some prediction of unwanted result.

There is a starting point of anxiety, it starts when mind starts a journey into future. The fuel of the journey is fear.

Human mind is expert in creating stories. Out of the fear mind creates many stories of probability of results and when stories become horror movies and out of the fear anxiety attacks happens. So anxiety is mainly caused by fear of failure


overcome anxiety attacks
Fear of failure is like a horror movie of mind


The symptoms of anxiety attacks/panic attacks are

  1. Fatigue
  2. swetting
  3. Short in breathe
  4. restlessness
  5. Sense of terror, or impending doom or death
  6. feeling a loss of control


To overcome anxiety, we need to understand fear of failure

Fear of failure start from the mindset of “failure is bad”. When you reject the option failure mentally. “I don’t want to fail”. Then we create the option of fear of failure

This feeling of hate towards failure create a  believe and it store in subconscious mind that is 

whatever happens in life failure is not an option for me

You should honestly asked yourself “are you thinking like that”.If yes than friends you are inviting anxiety. Because the truth of human being is that everybody fail at some point of their life.

If you study extraordinary successful people’s biography, they fail many times in their lives so they are successful. Success comes from failure. Because people who don’t try anything new they don’t fail.Only trier innovates new things.

This world is for triers. Not for People who just want to sit in comfort zone.

So the point is you have to digest failure. Importantly learn from failure and next time executing differently with the help of the lesson you learn from previous failure.

If you want to overcome anxiety attacks permanently first thing you have to do create a new believe that

Failure is an option in my life, I will never afraid of failure because failure is the way to success.  


overcome anxiety attacks


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To overcome anxiety we need to become expert of the art of living in the present

We understand that anxiety happen when our mind  not stay in the present.

If you are unhappy for any things happened in the past that is depression

If you unhappy for any things may happen in future that is anxiety 

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So if you want to think about your future you have two options

  1. You can think what you want to be happen
  2. What you don’t want to be happen

For example if tomorrow you have to attend an important interview. Very important.

So as basic nature of human mind it always want to travel in the past or future. Before the important interview your mind will force you to think something about future outcomes of tomorrow. Now 3 options are there for you to choose from

NO1– A very beautiful scene, that you are giving interview with full of confident. You answer every question they ask perfectly. And finally you got the job

NO2 You arrive the interview place late, You forget the important documents and you are so unlucky that they only asked question you don’t know anything about.  You don’t got the job. You can make the scene even worse your girlfriend break up with you because you’re unemployed. Your parents are unhappy. They say you are good for nothing

 You can check people who suffer from anxiety attacks on the important day. All are no2 types of story creators.

Amongst them there are another option for you. That is no3

NO3- When doubt about future arrives you can simply relax and stay in the present and just focus on job in the hand that is preparation.

This is the quality of a successful people what you need to develop in order to achieve success in your life. Also this is the art you have to learn in order to overcome anxiety attacks permanently in your life


Let me tell you No1 types thoughts where you only think about positive outcomes, this practice will help you to overcome anxiety attack. How? let me explain

This is called visualization

Visualization is the perfect tool to fight against anxiety or overcome anxiety attack

What is visualization?

For those who don’t know about visualization let me explain you, this a method mainly used to train your mind (subconscious mind). Many people also link it with law of attraction but here in my post I will neglect that subject.


So in order to live a live without anxiety you need to create a believe that failure is not bad

when you can overcome the fear of failure then you can Perform with your full potential whether for a job interview, exam or sport or other excepts of life.This a overall formula of life

Now what should somebody do just now to overcome anxiety attacks. Because to create a belief system takes time. Is there any way or magic formula for somebody suffering from fear of failure now?

Answer is yes, here are the some foolproof formula for people who want to overcome anxiety attacks

( for a serious patient you should be used medication)


Your subconscious mind is the reason behind your anxiety

90% of our activity control by our subconscious mind. You can say subconscious mind is the storage of our believe, experience, memory


overcome anxiety attacks
Conscious mind is 10% and Subconscious mind is 90%


Subconscious mind perform automatically. What subconscious mind is doing we don’t have any clue about it. It never sleep or rest. For example eating is something control by conscious mind but digestion is control by subconscious mind. All the biological function of human body control by subconscious mind.


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Lets train your subconscious mind in order to overcome anxiety attacks

I will give you the methods to train your subconscious mind directly. These are

  1. Visualization
  2. Affirmation


Visualization is like dreaming but with a script. Before an event like exam an interview or public speaking if you close your eye and think about the moment the way you want to happen in future  that’s called visualization. If you mastered this technique you can easily overcome anxiety attacks within a minutes.

How to visualization 

  •  Create an environment that’s calm your mind. You can choose a natural place, a dark room, or you can play music.
  • Sit in a comfortable place, Try to relax mind & body
  • Now close your eyes and start dreaming. Think about your future project what giving you anxiety, and create a situation as you desire. If you are anxious about your exam think that you are writing with confident. Pepper is set as your expectation.

This is simple method but very effective. To get 100% benefits of visualization you need to focus on some key points


Visualization is powerless until you don’t use your all sense while practicing. For example when you see in your mind that you are writing with confidence you need to create a mental image that close to reality.

So you have to feel the sensation, emotion or thrill of sitting on exam hall in the presents.Don’t worry isn’t very tough. Here is the some tips for you for fill the future desire result while doing visualization

  • Create a specific goal….what you want.

before exam you should know clearly what are the desired result for you. Once you know the desired outcomes now feel the emotion of achieving the result in present.

Another example if your anxious about the job interview. So you have to create the feeling in your mind or heart as you will feel after achieving the result. If you can catch the emotion of desire success, now stick to it and create some scenes your success will provide to you. Like

  • your parents are now proud of you
  • You receive your first salary
  • You win the love of your dream girl because you have the job now
  • You are sitting in your office and enjoying your work

Just feel the emotion without emotion visualization is powerless and if you practice visualization with proper feelings and emotion it will do miracle for you. Overcome anxiety attacks is a very small effect of visualization. Your life can change dramatically

I will explain you how visualization work. Before that let me explain another tool to overcome anxiety attacks that is Affirmation


Affirmations are some positive sentences that repeated mentally in order to deliver a message to subconscious mind . And affirmation can do wonder to help you overcome anxiety attacks.

If you are a singer and next day performance is giving you anxiety then you can create some positive sentences and repeated those in your mind for some times than your subconscious mind will receive that message. As I mentioned earlier anxiety is created by your subconscious mind.

Some example of affirmation for a singer who will perform next day

  • I am singing confidently and people are enjoying my performance
  • I am a great singer and I will show my magic tomorrow
  • I have the all potential to become a great singer.

These are some example and you can create affirmation that relevent to you

Affirmation & visualization do have similarities.But visualization is creating some mental image and affirmation is repeating some sentences that similar with you desire feelings.


But main goal behind both is same.Push your subconscious mind to stop creating anxiety. So in order to overcome anxiety attacks you need to practice both visualization & affirmation with  proper feelings or emotion.

How visualization and affirmation work, here is the scientific reason
  •  Our subconscious mind is very powerful it can make us super powerful or extremely weak human being. But subconscious mind has a weakness that it can’t identify dream or reality separately.
  • This is the reason behind, when we see a dream while sleeping we can’t separate dream with reality. We think dream is a reality.
  • When we sleep our conscious mind stop working then only subconscious mind is active
  • Thus when we use visualization to creates desire thoughts in mind and feel like reality then subconscious mind receive the message, that is your desired outcomes is already achieve.



So to overcome anxiety attacks we need to do opposite what mind did to create anxiety. That is visualization and affirmation.

Hope this article will help you to overcome anxiety attacks permanently from your life.

I am natural observer of life. 

I try to learn new things everyday. Here in my blog my attempt is to express the knowledge & experiences that I have gathered by over the years of hard work.

Creating values in your life is our ultimate goal.

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