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Shatavari-Asparagus racemosus is the best herb for women. Why every woman should take Shatavari? Benefits-Uses-and side effects

Shatavari is one of the most powerful and specious herb with multiple uses.It is called as the Queen of Herbs. Botanically it is named as Asparagus Racemosus, a member of asparagus family. Shatavari is a plant which have one hundred roots. May be for this reason or its power to cure various kinds of diseases it is called as the curer of one hundred disease. Mainly this herb is very effective for women overall health. You can’t even engine how it is good for women. Its benefits are beyond your thinking. Not only for women it is effective for men also and useful for all age group of men and women. The specious herb is basically found in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Australia and the Himalayas.


Shatavari plant


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In Ayurveda satavari has a unique place. It is one of the most powerful herb that used as a medicine  in Ayurveda since  thousands of years. All the parts mainly its roots is so powerful for curing various diseases. Shatavari is used as a medicine in the form of powder, liquid and tablet. People use it as their choices.


Shatavari root





As I mentioned earlier shatavari is that kind of  herb which has the power to cure hundreds of diseases. Mainly so much effective for women health. But I must say that shatavari is also good for men’s health.l will discuss this topic also.

So let’s discuss the main topic, the health benefits of shatavari…..

Increase Oestrogen in females 


Oestrogen is the primary  female sexual hormone which is reasonable for regulation and development of female reproductive system. Shatavari help to increase oestrogen in female’s body. It maintains balance this hormone. The women who have  low body fat level they may be face the problem of decreasing oestrogen level. In this case shatavari is more effective supplement. Again who has the problems like their breast size is so small or too large they can be benefitted for using shatavari .




Helps in Periods Problem 


Though shatavari has the power to improve or regulation of women reproductive system that’s why is also helpful for regulation of menstrual cycle. Periods problems are seen because of hormone imbalance in women. Our lifestyle, food habits are mailing responsible for that. Shatavari has the power to maintain balance in the body. Various periods problems like irregular periods, heavy bleeding, stomach and back pain, feeling weak all these problems can be solved if you have started taking this herb. Believe me it will give you 100% result.



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Stop Early Menopause 


Menopause is a natural part of every woman’s life. But it can creat problems when it comes earlier. It means end of fertility. There are various symptoms of menopause like night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings, reduce of estrogen etc. Satavari is the powerful herb that has the power to increase estrogen hormone in your body. So it is useful for those women who feels  that they may have faced early menopause. Sometime menopause is hereditary. But it can be solved by regular using of this herb. It may take time but it will be work. So if your mother had early menopause than you should start taking shatavari from today.



It Has Anti-Aging Properties 


Shatavari has anti-aging properties. A study reveals that the root of this herb helps to reduce the free radical skin damage which is reasonable for wrinkles. It helps to look younger than your age. So girls if you want a wrinkles free face start taking shatavari from today. There is no need to buy expensive products for younger looking skin. But you must take it regularly for getting this result.




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Good For Women Sexual Health 


Shatavari is so powerful herb. Mainly for women health. That’s why it’s called the Queen of all herbs. In women sexual health it works magically. For various reasons some women have loss their sexual tendency, some are not enjoying their intercourse. It means they have face libido problems. Libido means a person’s sex drive. The women who have lower libido their sexual desire is very low. Which is not a good sign. To make a healthy relationship with your partner it is important. It is most effective medicine for those women who have faced such problem.



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Weight loss

you may be shocked after reading this. But it is true. It helps to lose weight. Basically after 30 or after marriage it is seen that most of women gain weight. Mainly hormone imbalance is the reason behind it. Shatavari helps to balance your hormones in a natural way. You can balance your hormones naturally by taking shatavari as a regular basis. After balancing your hormones you can maintain a healthy weight. It takes some time. But if you want to lose your weight naturally than try it. Along with  that you have to maintain a healthy diet and exercise for weight loss.





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Increase Breast Milk


Another important reason why women should take shatavari is it has the ultimate power to increase breast milk.  Some women can not able to give enough milk to their babies, production of breast milk is very low. In this case the herb is extremely beneficial. So if you and your family members have faced this problem that tell them about the benefits of it. Because mother’s milk is very important for the healthy growth of a baby rather than the other milk available in the market.




Improve Insomnia 


For various reasons people may have insomnia. It is a dangerous problem that takes away your sleep very badly. Over thinking, over stress, irregular sleeping time are some reason of insomnia. Shatavari has the power to reduce the stress level and bring our mind in a calm position. So when your stress level become lower or end than you can get a good sleep. It is so powerful herb that has the power to  boost our mind. So if you are in stress or you cannot able to sleep properly than try it. It will definitely work for you.


Increase Immune System 


The immunity system is the defence system of our bodies. It protects us from various viruses and diseases. When our immune system become weak our diseases resistance capacity also become weak. As a result diseases attack us. We feel weak and lazy. Satavari has the power to boost our immune system. By taking shatavari we can increase our immunity.  Those who are talking shatavari regularly their immune system is strong rather than normal people.



Reduce Mood Swings


Basically mood swings in women is seen in the time of menopause. Their mood is changing so quickly with no reason. But in general some people also have faced this problem. Mood swings with no reason is undoubtedly depends on hormone imbalance. I already mention the power of shatavari to balance and maintain female hormones. So if you or your friends and family members are facing this problem please suggest this herb as a medicine. Because mood swings may a not dangerous problem for the one who is facing it but it creates irritation among others who are surrounded by the person.




Helps In Digestion 


Shatavari helps in our digestion process also. Many people have faced stomach problems, constipation problem because of indigestion. It is helpful in gastric ulcers also. For these people the herb is very effective. Take it regularly for better result.




Relief From Cold 


we all experienced cold in our lives. I think it is the most irritating viral infectious disease. When our immune system become weak than various bacteria and viruses attack us and our body can’t able to fight against it. Cold is one of the reason of our weak immune system. Shatavari helps to improve or increase our immunity. If you have cold than take this herb as a medicine. It will help you.




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Helpful in Kidney Stone 


kidney stone is a solid piece of material occurs inside the kidneys which made of minerals and salt. It affects your urinary tract and bladder when it moves down. If the size of stone is bigger than 5 MM than it is very painful for you.

The symptoms may be differ from people to people. Such as

* Server pain in the lower abdomen

* painful urination

* Uncomfortable pain in the side and back bellow the rib ……Etc

For various reasons kidney stone may be occurred. Like…..

* lack of water or dehydration

* Too much salt and sugar

* Excess weight….. Etc

So if you have kidney stone than you can try shatavari. The root of shatavari is very  helpful to prevent kidney stone.





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Helpful For Pregnant Women 


The root of shatavari is rich in folic acid which is reasonable for the development of foetus. Foetus is the stage in which an organism goes through before it is born as a baby. It requires to give birth a healthy baby. Woman should take shatavari during or after pregnancy. It helps to formation of new cell and DNA and also increase the production of breast milk.



Relief From Diarrhea 


Due to Electrolyte imbalance and dehydration diarrhea occurs in human body. Food infection, drinking unhygienic water are some reason behind it. Shatavari helps to prevent diarrhea also.




Maintain Blood Pressure 


SHatavari has the power to maintain blood pressure level under control. If you have low  BP try it. You get result very fast. But if you have high BP than take it after consulting a doctor. It helps to regulating the blood in our body.




So these are some benefits of satavari. Now you can understand why every woman should take shatavari.





Not only women men can also benefitted by shatavari. Let’s see how…


Increase Sperm  :


The male reproductive cell is called sperm. Sperm is very essential for new creation. But the problem is that many males can’t able to produce the minimum quantity of sperm which is essential for new creation. It is true that the half of the genetic code of a child is carried within a man’s sperm. So sperm is very important to get a healthy child. So if any male wanted to increase their sperm than that shatavari as a supplement.




Helps to Prevent Dhat Syndrome 


Dhat syndrome is a condition in which a male is suffer from premature ejaculation and impotence. Basically Young males are affected from this. Because of the ejaculation man feels weak, low mood, guilt and insomnia.



If you are a victim of it than try shatavari in regular basis. It will help to solve your problem naturally.






People who are facing the dangerous diseases like blood dysentery can get rid of it by using shatavari.

How to use :

Take some fresh leaves and branches of the herb and grind it. Add some rock candy according to your test. Consume it daily in the morning to improve your blood dysentery.




people with wrinkles problem and various skin related problems get benefitted by using this specious herb.

How to use :

Take 1 tbsp of shatavari root powder and consume it. Do it regularly for quick result.


Dhat Syndrome


As I mention earlier this disease makes man weak, low mood and give many negative results towards his health. So to cure this problem you can follow Ayurvedic method.

How to use :

Take 1 tbsp of shatavari root powder and mix it with one glass of milk. Drink it regularly to get result.




We all have faced urine problem once in our lives. The symptoms are…

* Frequent urination

* Burning with urine

* urgent need to urinate… Etc

To get rid of these situation you can use this herb as a Ayurvedic medicine along with gokhru / tribulus terrestries / puncture vine/ land caltrops.

Gokhru plant

How to use :

Take 1 tbsp of gokhru seeds powder ( you can buy it from any Ayurvedic store ) and 1 tbsp of shatavari powder and  add these powder into 2 glass of water and boil it. When it remains 1 glass than leave it for cooling. Take this drink 2 times in a day. It will definitely help you.


Kidney Stone


As I mention earlier shatavari has the power to cure kidney stone naturally. So let’s follow the Ayurveda for better result .

How to use :

Take 1 tbsp of gokhru powder and 1 tbsp of shatavari powder and boil it with 2 glass of water. drink it daily onece.


For Increasing Breast Milk


Not only it increases woman’s brest milk but it also effective for animals. Farmers can use this herb for their cows to increase more milk naturally. But in this article my focus is only towards human.

How to use :

It is very simple and time-saving. Just take 1 tbsp of shatavari and consume it in the morning. That’s all .




After end of the day most of the people get tired, feel weak and sleepy. In this case this herb works musically. It provides power to your body.

Again it is seen that some girl are very thin. Their energy level is very low. shatavari helps them too. However those boys and girls who have less muscle mass it works for them as a supplement.

How to use :

Take 1 tbsp of shatavari powder and add rock candy according to your test. Consume it regularly in the morning.




As I mentioned earlier it is useful in insomnia also. Because it  can reduce the stress level and boost our mind.

How to use :

Take 10 gram shatavari powder and 1 glass of milk. Than boil it. Take a while for cooling and add 1 tbsp of clarified butter (ghee) in it.  Drink it daily once.


Voice Related Problems


Sometimes for cold or for other reason we lost our original voice. Our voices become broken. By using this herb We can get back our voice.

How to use :

Take 1 tbsp of honey and 1 tbsp of shatavari powder and mix it. Consume it for some days.




This herb is also beneficial for those who had suffering from cough for a long time. Again those whose cough are frequently comes they can also try it to relief from cough.

How to use :

Take 1 tbsp of shatavari powder and 1 tbsp of long pepper powder (pillow) and mix it. Have it daily.




It is also effective in pain.  Specially in leg pain, burning legs and in hands pain the herb is useful.

how to use :

Take  1 tbsp of shatavari powder and rock sugar according to your test. Now take 1 glass of milk and add these powder into it. If you don’t like milk you can add water.  Drink it regularly for few days.


Night Blindness

Night blindness is a kind of disease where a person face difficulties seeing in dark. His or her vision is poor at night. This disease is also named as nyctalopia. Basically elders are victims of it.  One can develop his vision at night by using shatavari regularly. He can improve his condition.

how to use :

you just bring shatavari plant and make a fried dish with the leaves and branches of the plant. Have it once in a week.


These are the benefits and Ayurvedic uses of shatavari. Everyone can take shatavari as a supplement. Even though you have no health issues you can take shatavari for betterment of your health. But pregnant woman, high BP patient and people with serious disease may consult the doctor before it use.




In general there is no side-effects of shatavari. It is safe for all age group of people. But in some cases it is seen that people get allergic reaction. Their symptoms are

* Difficulties in breathing

* Fast heart beat

* itchy eyes

* itchy skin

* dizziness

* Rash

But these cases are very rare. We all have different kinds of allergies with food, drink, medicine etc. It’s not a big deal. If you are not allergic from shatavari than you must take it from today. I know you are too busy to prepare Ayurvedic medicine at home. If you have not enough time to manage it then try shatavari tablet. Take 2 tablets at night before going to sleep. It brings healthy and disease free life to you.

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