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Unhappy with life? This post will instantly bring happiness back into your life.

Many people are unhappy with their present life. But reality is that, it doesn’t matter how bad your present situation is, you still have a beautiful life. Everybody have a uniqueness within. Everyone is a special creation of God. But question is if everyone is special then why we are unhappy with our life? Answer is simple, we are unhappy because of our own believe. This Article will transform your mind and will show you a new way of understanding your life that will bring immense happiness and inner peace into your mind. So lets start… unhappy with  life? let me bring happiness back to your life.

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You are unhappy with life because your mind is working against happiness

Yes your mind is working against happiness. You mind is searching something that is unachievable that is perfection. Reality of human being is that everyone  have an imperfect life. But the point of imperfection of life is different person to person.

Some body is unhappy because his/her economic condition

Some body is unhappy because of his/her look / height,colour or any other imperfect body part

Some are unhappy because of their parents

Some are unhappy for an unexpected incident that happened in their life

Ok let’s come back to the point whatever reason of your unhappiness believe me you still have enough to be happy

 You are unhappy not because of the pain you have but because of the your reaction towards the pain

First you have to create a belive that pain and failure is necessary part of life but you to bounce back. Feel the pain but start your life again

I am going to explain you story of extremely successful which early life was very challenging but they don’t give up

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First story in my list is Oprah Winfrey

unhappy with life


She is great example for rape victim. The famous American  talk show host, actress, producer of is a rape victim. She has been molested by her several relatives during her childhood. But she bounce back from the tough situation and become a very successful people. So rape is an extreme tragedy, but not the end of any one life. Still you can make a beautiful life for yourself.

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Next example are Stephen Hawking and Nick VUJICIC 

unhappy with life

What can I say about the great man, he don’t need any introduction. He is regarded as one of the most brilliant theoretical physicist in history. But at the age 21 of he was affected by a rare disease named

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis(ALS).

As we all know he spend most of his life in wheelchair but his illness can’t able to stop him. He never think what he can’t control, he only focus on the what he can control.

Great people always believing on solving problem. So his limitation make him more innovative and rest is history.

I know you are unhappy with life, my request you to just compare your life condition with Stephen Hawking. Just changing your perception about life will make you more happier.


Next example for you is Nick VUJICIC 

unhappy with life

Nick Vujicic is world-famous motivational speaker. This man has no hand and legs still he is smiling. I have seen many of his videos in YouTube, one thing special about him is he smile all the time. Somebody who don’t know about him let me clear you… sympathy is not reason behind his popularity. He teaches people how to live a better life. His conference changing many people life worldwide.

He never focus on what he don’t have, as I said earlier everybody is imperfect and the art of dealing with that imperfection is something makes life better. The art of his happiness is accepting own limitation.

If you focus on your limitation then your life will be limited. If you accept the limitation and create a habit of trying new things then your life will be limitless. Our limitation only stop us when we capture by the limitation. Just forget the limitation and being aware of the opportunity around you. He never unhappy with life.

In 2012 Nick Vujicic married to beautiful kanae Miyahara and they have 4 child

unhappy with life



If you are unhappy with life I think you just close your eye and COMPARE your condition with this 3 people life


Now you may think these people have something special that you don’t have. Yes you are right, They have a will …They have a will to create a beautiful life by identifying their strength and just forget their limitation.


Now you decided to become happy so in order to become happy first change yourself

2 main roadblock between you and happiness are

  1. You blame other for your current situation
  2. You think you are unlucky

You have to take responsibility for your life. Don’t blame other for current situation. Just think how you can change your current situation. The life story I have explain you earlier they didn’t blame other they just work on the solution. Oprah had a terrible childhood, Hawking have to live most of his life in wheelchair, nick don’t have legs and hand but they still manage to create a beautiful and happy life for them. What separate you and them is that they don’t spend their life by blaming others. You are very special just you have to identify something special within you  Then just create life you want



Unhappy people are sympathy seeker.                                                                       If you think you are unlucky then you will be unlucky. If you think you are lucky then you will be lucky. Luck is just a perception. So to become happy just believe that you are lucky. Every imperfection in your life is not the effect of bad luck. It is just an opportunity for you.

Reality of life is that you have to be mentally strong to become happy and successful. There is only way of increasing mental strength is to solve your problem. Become somebody who see problem like an opportunity to develop himself.

Never ever become a sympathy seeker. Your problem is to make you stronger so that you can become strong

The person who never face any problem in life is unlucky

Person who solve problem become happy and successful and lucky also


Believe me you may have limitation but still you are limitless. So no need to unhappy with life.  Hope this post is helpful for you. please do share with your friends also don’t forget to sign up

I am natural observer of life. 

I try to learn new things everyday. Here in my blog my attempt is to express the knowledge & experiences that I have gathered by over the years of hard work.

Creating values in your life is our ultimate goal.

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