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About…..mind soul and bodiesMind Soul and Bodies

This blog has started in 15 December 2017 . As the name explain this will be about providing information the important component of life- Mind Soul and Body



A healthy mind is very important for a happy and successful life. Human own mind can be own biggest enemy or friend. The way we train our mind, mind will react accordingly. So this blog will help people to developed their mind power to reach its highest potential. Problems are mandatory  in life. But a strong mind will help people stay cum and deal with every step of life with proper focus and express their skill with fearlessness.



Soul is our real identity. Identifying the soul means connecting with own being. This is  a stage of blissfulness. This is the stage of unconditional joy. Inner connection is the lacking part of people who is unhappy and depressed. This blog will help people to find the inner peace through yoga, Meditation and by training the intellect part of mind by providing useful spiritual lesson.

(This blog didn’t express any religion, Its about universal spirituality )




This blog will provide information about heath.

Health is our main focus. Our mission is to create a healthy society. Help people with all the information & courses that bring good health back to peoples life


Goal is to help people to achieve their fitness goal and create an awareness about fitness.

Our main focus will be yoga & home remedies.




mind soul and bodies

Hi myself Nayan saud.I am 30 years young (not old  ) – from guwahati ASSAM/ INDIA

All the information I provide here is fully based on own experience. I am a professional writer but I am very new to blogging. (Started 15 December)

I am a natural observer of life. Weight training, yoga, Meditation and learning new things are my hobby, My idea is to express myself. What I learn by I will share here.

I am a guy who start his life as an unhealthy boy. My struggling childhood with health issue teach me a great lesson. The lesson of importance of having a fit body and mind

So I star a journey to change my life.
After many years of hard work finally I become a fit person. you can say this is a pro version of myself. Yoga is my main tool.

Another important point is I have no guru, So I have to learn everything by myself, and luckily my reading habit help me.

After writing a success story for me, I want to share the knowledge I have learn by over the years of hard work.

That is the idea behind creating a website(blog) to provides you all the knowledge I have learn.


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